The Early Years of the Christian Enterprise

Mondays 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Just what was the church during those early, formative years? A popular cult, catching the imagination of thousands? A subversive movement, sapping the life from a great civilization? Or was the church, as her converts believed, the embodiment of God’s consummate love for a fallen humanity, born at the cross and nourished by the blood of her martyrs? Return with us to those glorious, dangerous days as we survey the first five centuries of Christianity’s story. Can we hear the voices of women and the marginalized above the din of the theological rancor of the powerful?

Dr. Charles L. Harrell, Director of Pastoral Care at Asbury Solomons, holds a Ph.D. from Duke University with a concentration in early Christianity and serves as adjunct faculty of Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington.

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