Stressproofing Your Mind: Meditation

Mondays 7:00 – 9:00

For centuries religious and spiritual traditions have valued quiet time for centering and reflection. in our increasingly busy and hyper-connected culture, doctors, religious leaders and therapists have rediscovered the power of mindfulness practices. But what is “mindfulness”? Very simply it’s waking up to the here and now, bringing our full attention to the present moment using breathing and other focusing techniques in order to experience health for body, mind and spirit. no required book, suggested readings are Buddha’s Brain by rick Hanson and Real Happiness by Sharon Salzberg.

Beth O’Malley is Dean of the Chapel at Hood College, ordained in the United Church of Christ, graduate of Hiram College and Yale Divinity School, with a certificate from Case Western Reserve’s Pastoral Psychology Institute. She is completing training in Duke University’s Koru Mindfulness Meditation program.

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